Monday, January 15, 2007


I like them. I guess you probably already knew that, since the blog is dedicated to them and the things that made them die. But what I mean here is that I like the live ones, the general boy population. I mean this right now. This may be a brief window so I figured I should probably exploit it while it can. Then I can come back and read this when I start hating on them again.

I forgot how cute they can be. On my birthday I went dancing with NU and my sister at a hipster bar on Britpop night. I had no idea that dudes 10 years younger than me could know the words to "Metal Mickey," but some do. And they are adorable. There were three of them who danced with us that reminded me so much of my first boyfriend and his Morrissey-worshipping friends--they kind of emanated a sexual confusion or frustration that was acted out by jumping on each other. This looks horrifying in print, but trust me, it was cute. It made me nostalgic, especially since we were dancing to all of my anglophile college music. Later, one of them grabbed me. I turned around to look at him and he gave me a totally stoned and adorable smile. Hours later I realized I could have gone to some dark corner and made out with him...yes, I'm still kicking myself. He was probably 24, tops. Also a gay guy hit on me. Maybe he wasn't gay. Or maybe nowadays gay guys want to date girls; I haven't dated in a while. He was really cute too. Was probably unborn when the Smiths song we danced to was popular.

I know I need to date older guys. I like them too, I think. What I'm saying here is that I kind of remember now what the big deal was. Why I spent most of my life boy-crazy. I like them. It's ok to like them. I like myself too now, so liking them will probably be different. I like the weird ways they attempt to emote. I like their clothes and their glasses. I like it when they travel in awkward packs. I like trying to figure them out.

I sense that there will be drama in my future.


Blogger charlie said...

I forget it was your birthday. I remembered this morning. Afraid to call. I'm an ass.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Shrew said...

I really don't care about my birthday, and want my friends to focus their energy on other things. Please. All I care about on my birthday is that I get drunk, and I did.

But I do want to talk to you.

4:39 PM  
Blogger nominis umbra said...

See..the thing is I want the company of men too, but sans the drama. And maybe not all men :-) just someone I find attractive...but I'm SO unwilling to do drama these days. That might be very difficult--we'll see--we'll see. I had SO much fun on your b-day...I missed the drunk part, which is how I know i'm aging: Saturday was difficult...just b/c I was up late!? what's happening? ...have i told you--recently--that I'm glad you're here? I'm so glad you're here.

8:11 PM  
Blogger nominis umbra said...

Is is there some word that exists that isn't boy or man. "Man" makes me think of Tom Selleck...who I'm not remotely attracted to--and the idea of dating him seems gross. "Boy" makes me think of someone from middle school. I don't want to date either of them. We need a new word.

8:49 PM  
Blogger charlie said...

New word?

How about billies?


or what about buck? As in, That's a good buck?

7:08 AM  
Blogger nominis umbra said...

The word "Hasselhof" just made me laugh aloud. You kick ass.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Shrew said...

Hee he. I tried "dudes" for a while, but that didn't really work either. When I feel giddy about them, suddenly they're boys. Most of my names for them are for when I'm less-than-giddy. Hasselhof kind of bridges the boy/choad divide. Hairy, but kind. I'll vote for it!

There's good drama, right? Good romance drama?

4:00 PM  
Blogger nominis umbra said...

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5:00 PM  
Blogger nominis umbra said...

I don't know Shrew, I'm really hoping there can be romance without tired of drama.

5:02 PM  

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